Seminar on Exchanging Practices of Higher Order Thinking among Asian Countries

ICoME 2016 invites you to the special seminar on exchanging practice of higher order thinking.

ICoME2016 will hold a seminar on discussing lesson design for nurturing higher order thinking using an educational media, such as graphic organisers and rubric. Ms. Miyake Kikuko, a facilitator of this seminar, is one of the pioneers on educational innovation for the movement of Students-Centered Approach at primary schools. Prof. Makiko Kishi, another facilitator, also has long experiences on action research of higher order thinking, and promoted professional development through collaborative lesson study between Japan and China (Kishi 2015).

In the seminar, six primary/secondary teachers in Japan and China will make presentations about their practice using graphic organizers and sharing the experience and discussing how to design lesson to nurture higher order thinking.

After teachers’ presentations, three professors, Prof. Li, South China Normal University, Prof. Kubota and Prof. Kuorkami, Kansai University will comments on their practices and advise them.

The detail

Date:2016/8/19 (Thursday) 13:30-17:00
Place:Kyoto University of Foreign Studies 871ROOM
Language: Japanese, Chinese, English(some parts)
Participants No:The seminar has capacity of 30 only.


三宅 岸
(An Educational Advisor, NPO FiLC)
Makiko KISHI
(Associate Professor, Meiji University)

Guest Speakers:

木村 堀  小林
Kimura, A.
(Primary School Attached to Kyoto University of Education, Kyoto)
Hori, R.
(Elementary School of Kansai University, Takatsuki, Osaka)
Kobayashi, S.
(Toyotsu Nishi Junior High School, Suita, Osaka)

01 02  03
Lisi Gao
(Guangming Xincheng Primary School, Math, Grade 2)
Yongyi Liao
(Guangming Xincheng Primary School, Chinese, Grade 2)
Ningwei Sun
(Researcher, South China University)

Technical Advisor:
李 久保田  黒上
Kedong Li
(Professor , South China Normal University)
Kenichi KUBOTA
(Professor, Kansai University)
(Professor, Kansai University)



Time Program
13:00 -13:30

(30 min)


(15 min)


(110 min)

1st Round Discussion  (by 3 groups)

Presentation in China(20 min):

Presentation in Japan(20 min):

Break(10 min)

Discussion (60 min)


(15 min)


(40 min)

Overall Discussion

(30 min)




Kansai University attached school (2012). Thinking methods at Kansai University attached elementary school. Sakura-sha. (Japanese)

Makiko Kishi, Kikuko Miyake, Kenichi Kubota, Li Kedong :Collaborative Research on Applying the Graphic Organizer as an Instructional Method -A Case Study of In-Service Training for Developing Higher Order Cognitive Skills for Chinese Elementary School Teachers-
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