Organizations’ Session



Prof. Byungro Lim Byungro Lim
Kyung Hee University, Korea
President of Korean Association for Educational Information and Media (KAEIM), Humanitas College
Research area: Instructional design, educational reform, media education, teaching model
Presentation Title: ICT Utilization in Education: Case of Korea
Prof. Likedong Kedong Li
South China Normal University
Director, Research Institute of Education Technology for SCNU
Deputy director of China Association for Educational Technology (CAET)
Research area: The Basic Theory of Education Technology, CSCL, E-Learning and Blended Learning Theory and Practice in Higher Education
Presentation Title: China’s Education Informatization Planning (2016-2020)
Prof. Bert Kimura Bert Kimura
College of Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, Hawaii
Research area: Educational technology, distance learning, international collaboration, emerging technologies for learning.
Presentation Title: University of Hawaii Global E-Learning Opportunities
Haruo Kurokami
President of Japan Association of Educational Media Study (JAEMS)
Professor, Kansai University
Research area: Educational Technology
Presentation Title: Visualization and Digital Media
Dr_Yamanishi Jun’ichi Yamanishi
President of Japan Society for Educational Technology (JSET)

Professor Emiritus, Toyama University
Presentation Title: Educational Technology Research Trends in Japan